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A Psychiatrist's Perspective

Lorenzo Cañón has entered my dreams

From a dream, Dr. Calzadilla Fierro evokes a character from his childhood, a man who wandered around his hometown dirty, unkempt and poorly dressed, he had Schizophrenia. Remembering him, the author describes the symptoms of this disease.

In search of a shoeshine boy, I meet a delirious man

Delusional disorder is characterized by the presence of one or more firmly held false beliefs that persist. It usually begins in middle-aged or elderly people, and is less common than Schizophrenia.

Psychiatrists use "little pills" and "beak syrup".

I have heard the phrase that gives title to this commentary on many occasions, fortunately less and less. And I have heard it in the mouths of some doctors and psychologists. With it they refer to psychotropic drugs and psychotherapy.

Welcome to "A Psychiatrist's Perspective"

A broad representation of human events. It not only comments on Psychiatry and Mental Health; it looks at the world with a broad vision, there is nothing more dangerous and paralyzing than homogeneity and a single discourse.

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