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The twelve irrational ideas of Albert Ellis

Influenced by these precepts, in 1955 Albert Ellis contributed his Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) to the psychotherapeutic treatment models.

Depression: Suffering and Disability in Today's World

Depression is one of the most important illnesses in the world today that causes suffering and disability. Depressed people are often misunderstood because the disorder is not recognized as an illness.

Factors that can protect us from stress

Stress is influenced by factors modulating the stress response (risk or protective factors). Vulnerability to stress means the degree of susceptibility to suffer the negative consequences of stress.

Sexuality: much more than sex

Sexuality encompasses more than just sex. In recent years, research on the subject has increased. Sexology studies sexual behaviors and their various dimensions, in addition to clinical dysfunctions and possible therapies.

Suicide every 40 seconds: a problem that must be made visible

Every 40 seconds a person commits suicide somewhere in the world, and many more attempt suicide. Suicide is considered the extreme expression of violence, as the subject against himself applies it.

Hypochondriasis: excessive and distressing concern about health. 

Hypochondriacs present symptoms that worry them excessively, they frequently think about the possible severity of their discomfort, they feel uneasy about their health, which causes them anxiety and anguish.

Who said that the couple relationship was an easy thing?

When the couple relationship goes into a crisis, they should be sought all the ways for go out of this crisis, the problem must be indentified and solutions must be proposed.

Classification and stages of drug addiction (+Infographic)

It is a set of physiological, behavioral and cognotive manifestation in which the consumption of a drug, or a type of drug, acquires the maximum priority for the individual.

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