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What is the Hepatorenal Syndrome?

The Hepatorenal Syndrome can appear spontaneously or after a precipitant factor. It is an entity that appear in advanced phases of cirrhosis and it is associated with a bad forecast.

Bilateral Lens Subluxation, in a Pseudoexfoliative Syndrome

Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome (PEX) is a systematic disease distinguished by the production and deposit of extracellular fibrillar material on the surface of several eye tissues and extraocular.

Therapeutic guidelines for Multiple Sclerosis. Part 2

General description Pharmacological treatments for Multiple Sclerosis have evolved a lot in the past 20 years. Until 1995 there were...

What is Multiple Sclerosis? Part 1

General description The first anatomical and pathological descriptions of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) were made by Cruveilhier (1835)...

What are the benefits and side effects of CBD in its consumers?

What is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is present in the trichomes of marijuana and hemp plants, mainly its flowers. Along with more than...

Penile fracture

Literature review and case study.  Penile trauma constitutes an infrequent entity within urology emergencies. In fact, severe cases...

Virtual reality for pain management

Virtual reality (VR) is a computerized simulation that allows us to create a different environment blocking all (or almost all) external...

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