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Congenital torticollis: Rehabilitative treatment un children

For the rehabilitation treatment it is important a correct adaptation, orientation and psychological support. It is necessary to work with the family so that they can learn more about the child's condition and how to manage it.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment

We cannot give an absolute answer, because children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are different in their abilities, intelligence and behaviors. As in the rest of the people some have more capacity than others.

Hand, foot and mouth syndrome: is it a new disease?

The disease is a mild, contagious viral infection common in young children. Symptoms include mouth sores and maculopapular rash on the hands and feet. The most common cause of Hand, Foot and Mouth Syndrome is Coxsackievirus.

An unrivaled formula (+ Infographic)

The mother´s milk is the most adequate and natural for the baby during the first months of life and it adapts in each moment to his necessities. It provides nutrients which he needs for his correct growth and development.

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