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🔹Medical graduate from The University of Medical Sciences of Havana (UCM-H), Cuba.
🔹Specialist in Psychiatry.
🔹Specialist in the treatment of mental disorders associated with substance use, abuse and dependency.
🔹Twenty ( 20 ) years of experience treating patients from over 57 countries and with all kinds of disorders, and their families.
🔹Undergraduate and graduate Adjunct Professor.
🔹Medical Director of the International Therapeutic Community Villa Quinque-Cocal in Cuba.
🔹General Director of the Clinical-Surgical Hospital Carlos E. Font Pupo in Cuba.
🔹International consultant for addiction treatment.
🔹Lecturer on multiple international congresses, events, and international health tourusm fairs.
🔹Currently a psychotherapist in the Personal Development, Rehabilitation and Anti-stress Center DV-Benítez in Chile.

Classification and stages of drug addiction (+Infographic)

It is a set of physiological, behavioral and cognotive manifestation in which the consumption of a drug, or a type of drug, acquires the maximum priority for the individual.

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Drug withdrawal syndrome

The beginning and the evolution of withdrawal state are limited in time and they are related with the type of substance and the dose consumed immediately before the withdrawal. This syndrome can be complicated by convulsions.

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